Felt Easter Bunting

Felt Easter Bunting

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Felt bunting is easy to make

Recently I have seen a lot of Easter decorations popping up in outlet stores. But more often than not, these are made of paper or cardboard which can easily get damaged.

Why not make your own felt bunting? It can be no sew if you choose as unlike other materials, felt doesn't fray. Plus it's easy to store and can be used year after year.

To make this bunting you will need;

Easter cookie cutter
Hot glue gun
Black paint
Wooden stick
Needle and thread (optional)
Cotton (optional)

  • First you will need to buy some felt in your choice of colours. I like bright hues so I chose bright pink, lime green and blue.

  • Choose which coloured felt you want to use

    Photo: Bastet78, Wikimedia commons

  • Then you need to take your cookie cutter and use this as a template to draw outlines on your felt. I chose a rabbit but you could use an egg cutter or draw your own template on some cardboard. Remember to fit as many in as possible so you are not wasting any felt. Do a few oulines on each colour of felt.

  • Trace around your cookie cutter to make the shape

    Photo; NoX, Wikimedia Commons

  • Once you have done this you can cut around the outlines on the felt, leaving you with some felt shapes.

  • Now you can choose to do a decorative hand stitch around the outside as I have done, or leave it as is.

  • You could hand stitch around the felt as a feature

  • Then pour some of the black paint on a tray or plate.
  • Using the end of the wooden stick, dip it into the paint and then stamp it onto the felt cut outs. You can make eyes and a nose like I have done or you could use different colour plaints and make patterns.

  • When the paint is dry, use the hot glue to attach each felt piece to the ribbon. They can be spaced out as close together or far apart as you choose.

  • Now your felt bunting is ready to be hung up.


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