Easy Rainbow Paper Chains

Easy Rainbow Paper Chains

Posted 2014-03-03 by Jane Streetfollow
Paper chains are a classic decoration for a child's party. Cheap and easy to make, everyone can get involved and they will quickly brighten up any room. If you're having a theme for the party, you can pick colours to tie in with the theme e.g. orange and black for a Halloween party or shades of blue, green and silver for an Under the Sea party. We chose bright rainbow colours and used some soft crepe paper.

  • Different colours of crepe paper
  • Stapler
  • Scissors

  • Colourful crepe paper

  • Cut strips out of the crepe paper. Ours were 20 cm by 3cm.

  • Curl the ends of a strip into a ring, overlapping the ends and staple it closed.

  • Thread another strip through the first ring and staple the ends of this one closed to make two interlocking rings.

  • Thread another strip through the second ring and staple the ends closed to make three interlocking rings.
  • Keep going making a long chain.

  • Pin or tape the chain across the room, draping it into several sections.

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