Easy Christmas Tree

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Do you feel like a change from the normal store-bought Christmas tree but don't want to be bothered with pine needles falling all over the floor from a real tree? Here's an alternative using old twigs plus some paint, lights and decorations.

A different style of Christmas Tree


  • Twigs - any size you like. I found mine just lying on the ground down at the local park.

  • Metallic spray paint (I recommend either silver or gold)

  • Christmas lights (optional)
  • Pot to put your twigs in.
  • Decorations

  • Method

    - Spray paint the twigs in your preferred colour and leave to dry. Once dry, place in your pot. I just used dirt to anchor mine in place then covered the top in store-bought pebbles to hide the dirt.

    - At this point, put your tree in your preferred spot. It's too difficult to move once decorated.

    - If you are wanting lights, put these in place now. I bought these lights already attached to silver twigs from my local supermarket. They are battery operated so no need to plug in anywhere.

    Unpackaged twig lights

    Arrange twig lights in between your painted twigs

    - Time to decorate. These types of alternative trees look great when they're colour co-ordinated. In my case, I've chosen different shades of blue/turquoise and silver. I bought some simple baubles but added these gorgeous little birds I found at a homewares store.

    Christmas bird decoration

    Christmas bird decoration

    - It's also a great idea to add a little something to sit in front of your tree. I packaged up some boxes in co-ordinating colours and added a silver Christmas reindeer. If you would like to know how to make the Christmas reindeer, there are
    easy instructions here

    Once finished, this modern alternative to the traditional tree looks really great in the evening with the lights switched on.


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