Decoupage Easter Bunny

Decoupage Easter Bunny

Posted 2015-03-21 by Therese Bfollow
A paper mache Easter bunny can be decorated in a variety of ways. The easiest way is to paint it, however with all the pretty papers available, it's also fun to decoupage your bunny. I've chosen a bright and cheerful green and yellow coloured paper - its just a matter of finding something to suit your decor or colour theme of your display.

Decoupage bunny decorated with ribbon


  • Paper mache bunny - available from craft stores
  • White acrylic paint for a base coat.
  • Paintbrush for decoupage medium
  • Paper of your choice plus co-ordinating paper scraps for eyes, ears and nose
  • Decoupage medium

  • Method:

  • Paint your paper mache bunny with your base coat of white paint. It doesn't have to be too perfect as it will be covered up by paper.

  • Choose your paper you wish to cover the main part of your bunny with. Then gently tear into smaller pieces. You don't have to be too exact as the pieces will end up overlapping anyway.

  • Cover the back of the paper with decoupage medium and stick to your bunny. Just tear the pieces into the size you want. If the paper wrinkles. gently smooth out with your fingernail or something with a smooth surface e.g. I gently used the end of my paintbrush for some areas. When it comes to very small areas like the tips of the ears, just tear tiny pieces of paper to cover these areas and smooth down with the medium.

  • Use larger bits of paper for larger areas and smaller bits or strips for tiny areas like the tips of the ears

    By the time you have covered the head of your bunny, it will look something like this

  • Continue until your bunny is completely covered. Remember to use the medium not only to cover the back of the paper before sticking down but also to cover the top of the paper to smooth down as you go.

  • The bunny looks good at this stage but it still needs something extra time to add some eyes, a nose and some ear contrasts

  • Cut out some contrasting paper in your choice of colour for the eyes, nose and the insides of the ears. Before you stick them down, just place them on the bunny to ensure you're happy with the shape and size.

  • Make sure youre happy with the shape and size of thes eyes, nose and ear insides before gluing down with the medium

  • After you have finished, cover your entire bunny with another coat of decoupage medium, making sure any tiny corners of paper that you may have missed are stuck down well.

  • Once dried, you have your bunny finished and ready to decorate further with your choice of ribbon. This can then be used in a table display or maybe used as an Easter decoration in a gift basket filled with chocolate eggs.

  • Notes: There are many brands of decoupage medium in craft shops and it can be a little overwhelming as to which one to choose. Mod Podge is one of the better known ones. I found this one at Spotlight which was slightly cheaper and it has worked really well.



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