Decorating With Dry Agapanthus Flower Heads

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Sometimes natural objects in your garden can be used to decorate your house. I was looking at the dead dried out flower heads on a row of agapanthus plants when I realised they would make an interesting arrangement in a vase.

Dead agapanthus flower heads in garden. Image Marie Vonow

I cut off the flower heads leaving a long stalk on each one. Next, I carefully removed the seeds and loose bits of plant matter using my fingers and a tweezers.

The natural dried flower heads look attractive in a pottery vase or jug. They show up to good effect against a coloured background such as blue.

ImageMarie Vonow

A natural look background such as timber veneer, brick or textured wallpaper can be effective.

Dead agapanthus flower heads in a pottery vase. Image Marie Vonow

If you don’t have a suitable vase they also look good in a jar filled with shells, gum nuts or stones.

Dead flower heads in a coffee jar filled with shells. Image Marie Vonow

If you are feeling creative or want a different look you can paint the dead flower heads using spray paint. I had a spray can of dark green and found this was effective. Gloss black could be dramatic. Black flower heads would look good in a modern style vase.

Dead flower heads sprayed dark green. Image Marie Vonow

Natural flower heads and coloured ones can be arranged together in a vase to good effect.

Natural and painted flower heads arranged together in a vase. Image Marie Vonow

I sprayed some with gold paint and the result was very subtle. The gold blended with the natural colour and was hard to see. I then experimented with painting the tips with glitter nail polish. The nail polish with big pieces of glitter showed up best.

Tips of an agapanthus flower head painted with glitter nail polish. Image Marie Vonow

Sometimes you can make use of something you would normally discard. This allows you to add a decorative touch to your house without spending money and lets you be creative.

ImageMarie Vonow


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