Decor Inspiration Modern Twist to Old Hollywood Glamor

Decor Inspiration Modern Twist to Old Hollywood Glamor

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Are you looking to re-vamp a room in your home?

This article will talk you through creating a modern twist on the traditional Hollywood glamor. I think this look would work really well in a dressing room or an adventurous living room

I am so inspired by this look. It's modern, fresh and and easy to create with a couple of accessories. Let's get started on how to pull this look together.

Let's start with a mood board (that's always fun)! Take old Hollywood glamor (think black backdrop, velvet, pearls and white fur) and throw in a dash of modern silver, yellow and pink. Shop around online for your accessories and design ideas.

The basic color palette is black and white with accents of neon and silver. For a toned-down version you could also use a navy blue and cream with pink accessories. I would use white or cream for the walls to create the feeling of space. If you're brave enough, go ahead and paint a navy feature wall. Otherwise black furniture, large black cushions or black and white photos can work really well.

This look screams for white accessories to add depth and warmth to the room without making it look too busy. There are a number of white accessories such as white Moroccan vases, white fur rugs or cushions which add interest without drawing attention away from the main feature wall or focal point of the room.

Add silver or gold highlights around the room in the form are photo frames or vases. Again these should be interesting but should not take too attention away from the main focal point.

To bring the old Hollywood glamor up to date throw in some printed cushions and/or curtains. Remember to stick to the color palette – a black and white striped or aztec print works really well for cushions. As curtains take up a lot of space and therefore potentially draw a lot of attention, it is best to opt for a more subtle print.

Now it's time to add a couple of fun, bright and colorful accents around the room. Play around with pink flowers, bright yellow cushions or perhaps a bright lampshade. The look can be toned down using cream and pastel accessories too.

As always, I would recommend creating a mood board of the vision for you room and to have fun shopping around for your accessories. I like to upcycle existing accessories with a lick of paint or move accessories around different rooms to decorate on a budget.


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