Create a Play Space to Innovate and Captivate

Create a Play Space to Innovate and Captivate

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Today's playrooms are both versatile and educational, with streamlined, clean designs and a ton of hidden storage space. Parents are giving kids more room to grow and decluttering lives by using wall space as a tool, not just as a decorating area. The modern play room reaches beyond the child's imagination to a place of education and growth for every stage of childhood.

The Hideaway

Today's kids want their own personal space, and that area under the stairs is only going to waste. Innovative parents are creating play areas for children under the stairs, often with cute entryways and comfortable, plush furniture included. Some parents choose to create a book nook here, while others insert a desk for a child's quiet playtime activities. Since the area can be closed off again, art studios fit well with proper lighting. Parents are using paint, wall decors, stickers, and inserting bookshelves into this area to make a comfortable hideaway. Add overstuffed chairs, beanbag chairs, rugs, and blankets to complete the cozy feel of the area.

The Open Design

Parents who like to watch children interact with toys and other playthings may prefer an open design playroom. This design utilizes a large space, such as a whole room, for play. Parents are using bookshelves built into walls with wicker or cloth colorful baskets for storage, and the room is often painted a light color to enhance the bright feel. Easels work well in this large area for creative play, and a table, desk, or other large furniture usually fits here too. Lay a carpet on the floor to add color and stimulation, and provide the child with an array of learning toys in the bookshelf bins.

The Colorful Feel

Some parents are adding more color to their children's lives by decorating a playroom in stripes. The colorful feel of the striped walls, often offset by shelving, is balanced with an equally playful carpet or floor design. Wall art created by the child adds to the fun, and shelving is provided by out of the ordinary bookshelves sporting bright oranges and reds. The idea here is, the brighter, the better!

The Contemporary Look

Some parents are modernizing their playrooms to bring kids into the contemporary lifestyle. These playrooms are well-lit, with sleek lines and coordinated colors. Every piece of the design is in line with each other, and the colors are often light, peachy pastels. The feeling is light and airy instead of overbearing or colorful. Storage is hidden away under windowsills or benches to give the room a cleaner feel.

The Fun Entrance

Is the playroom down a flight of stairs? Insert a slide to create a fun way to get to the good times. If the entrance is a doorway, add beads or door coverings other than a door to increase the fun for the child. Parents are getting creative and coming up with methods to help children be children. Give them something fun to do before they learn through play, because an increase in happiness creates a child who is more willing to learn.

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