Bunting Flags for Boys Rooms Howto

Bunting Flags for Boys Rooms Howto

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Bunting flags are a popular choice of decoration for a nursery or child's bedroom, although the majority of garlands are made with feminine colours and pretty designs, not always suited to boys' rooms.

Being a mother of boys, and friends that have boys too, I have made a few bunting flags for boys' rooms decor.

jungle themed bunting

I followed an online tutorial to make my bunting flags, which has since been taken offline. As I did not photograph each step, I include here, a hand drawn 'how-to' pictorial below:

How To Make Bunting Flags

You Will Need
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine (preferable)
  • Double width bias tape otherwise called bias binding
  • Cardboard (I used an empty cereal box)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

  • Step 1
    Draw your desired triangle shape size onto cardboard. Use a pencil and ruler for this. Cut your triangle shape out with scissors.

    Cut triangle shape out of cardboard

    Step 2
    Use your template and cut two triangles out of your chosen fabric. Leave yourself approximately 1cm of fabric around your template shape.

    Cut two triangles of fabric

    Step 3
    Take your two pieces of fabric and lay them on top of each other with the best sides facing each other. Sew in two straight lines from the top of each side of your triangle, downward to the pointy end. I find that sewing two lines and overlapping them at the point is better than sewing one line and turning your fabric around at the point. important do not sew the top of your triangle, leave this side open.

    Sew straight lines down fabric triangles

    Step 4
    Turn your triangle the right side with the best sides out. Use your closed scissors to gently push down on the point inside of your triangle. Iron flat.

    Step 5
    Repeat the above steps using your cardboard template to cut the quantity of flags you require.

    Step 6
    Cut your bias binding strip to the appropriate length for your bunting flags, allow enough excess bias to tie into a loop either end of your flags.

    Step 7
    Fold your bias in half - it is better to iron flat. Place the top of your triangles next to each other, and pin inside your bias half. Sew in a straight line along your bias with your matching thread, ensuring the top of your flags are sewn in.

    double width bias binding

    place the top of your bunting triangles inside your folded bias binding strip, and pin in place. This is just an example, allow enough bias at the end of each of your bunting for your loop tie

    Step 8
    Tie a loop in your bias, both ends of your bunting flags, to hang on your child's bedroom wall.

    The bunting flags for boys rooms I have made so far include a jungle themed bunting using zoo animal fabric in a charity shop, mixed with some tree printed material I already had. I used green double fold bias binding.

    jungle themed bunting

    jungle themed bunting

    jungle themed bunting

    And secondly, bunting flags for our baby boy's nursery using comic fabric I collected from a freecycler, and scraps of Ikea material left over from a previous upholstery project.

    comic fabric

    comic and Ikea fabric bunting

    I also wanted to make bunting flags our 5yr old son. As a Star Wars fanatic, I searched for Star Wars themed fabric, but found it to be really expensive and hard to come by in Australia, so instead purchased a ready made Star Wars bunting from an etsy seller in the United States.

    Star Wars bunting flags

    Bunting flags for boys' bedrooms work really well as room decor, it really is just a matter of choosing the appropriate fabric.


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