5 tips on how to pick an outdoor shade umbrella that performs and lasts

5 tips on how to pick an outdoor shade umbrella that performs and lasts

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The pool is in, your backyard is landscaped and your patio furniture has arrived. As you sit down on your brand new furniture, you begin to feel your skin burn from the midsummer heatwave leaving you begging to go back inside.

To avoid having to force your family indoors for those family get together's and bbq's you can outfit your backyard, deck or patio with an outdoor shade umbrella .

Beat the heat with our professional tips on choosing an outdoor umbrella so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

1. Working out the umbrella size

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This is a crucial decision as go to big and the space will appear dark and uninviting. Go to small and someone will end up being the unlucky person being burnt to a crisp. You need to work out the ideal size for the space. Umbrella sizes range from 2.5m to 4m in size. An umbrella to go over a table space should ideally cover the width of the table with an additional 60cm per side if possible.

2. Determining the ideal height

The height of the outdoor shade umbrella is also important as you want it to be high enough so that it is out of the way, but not to high that it loses its functionality. It is best to consider head height and to go slightly higher. Seven foot high umbrella's are a good starting point. Having an umbrella that can tilt also helps to block the sun with it's daily route of moving east to west.

3. Determining the base for operation

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A solid umbrella base is a must for permanent fixed umbrella's. The umbrella will need to be able to stand up to harsher weather conditions such as strong winds and storms. Consider the design of the umberlla and stick to a fibreglass design rather then aluminium if you live in an area that gets quite windy. Fibreglass bends well with the wind due to it's compound which will allow the umbrella to last longer. Also if you live next to coastal area's it is best to buy one that has rust proofing to protect your investment. For umbrellas over 3 meters look for the largest base that you can buy and make sure that the base is designed to work with your choice of umbrella.

4. Fixed standing or cantilever?

Consider what you are going to be using the umbrella mostly for to get the most functionality. With a fixed standing umbrella is best for table and patio area's. A large cantilever umbrella may be more ideal for pool area's as well as shading patio and furniture area's. Work out what will work best with your furniture, life style and budget to get the most use out of your sun protection investment.

5. Make sure your umbrella is durable

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Ensure that the cloth of your umbrella is made from sun and rain resistant material. You can extend the life of some fabrics with a can of wd40, however it may be more least expensive in the long run to purchase an umbrella made of sunbrella fabric that can withstand Australia's harsh conditions.


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