4 Simple Ways To Make Your Office Space More Inviting

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4 Simple Ways to Make Your Office Space More Inviting

When walking into an office space you immediately run into first impressions. Maybe you walk into a brightly lit office with sofas and chairs that you could happily relax in with beaming bright colors that have you smiling from ear to ear. Or perhaps you stumble upon an office with drab furnishings, grey filing cabinets and flickering fluorescent lights. As you sit back and take in the appearance of the newly encountered office, you make a mental note of whether you could see yourself coming back to work for this company or even if you would want to be a client. If your office space is in need of a remodel, take a look at these 4 simple tips, which will make sure to keep your employees excited to come in for another day of work and your clients thrilled to return.

Appealing Reception
The first thing both employees and clients notice when they walk into your office is the reception area. With the use of comfortable modular seating, beautiful glass coffee tables, bright lighting and striking colors you will be able to immediately capture the attention of those who walk through the doors of your workplace. With an appealing reception, your employees and clients will leave with a lasting impression, which will keep them more eager to come back.

Add Life
Using real and even artificial plants is a great way to decorate your office space with little inconvenience to you and your employees. If choosing artificial plants, you can decorate without the hassle of watering or taking care of them and your floors will stay clean since leaves won't be falling off. They also won't tarnish your overall office design if they're starting to wilt through neglect. Adding life or lifelike objects will make your office space feel more human and has a great aesthetic effect.

Of course, the choice of furniture in your office is of incredible importance. Not only has your office furniture got to look great, it also has to be comfortable and ergonomically sound.
Good office furniture can often be expensive, but it is definitely an investment that proves to be worth it time and time again. Be sure to stray away from those cold metal chairs that leave everyone with a stiff back or those desks that may look great but leave your employees with headaches. Instead choose office chairs that allow for cushions, arm rests, comfortable upholstery and the ability to tilt and adjust heights and choose to buy computer desks that will increase productivity.

Minimize Clutter
Clutter in the office can make it seem crowded and unproductive. By using storage units along with bookcases, filing cabinets and wall storage units you can easily minimize the amount of clutter in your office and make your space feel much more useful.

With these few tips you'll be well on your way to a more productive, inviting and happy workplace.


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