Small Spaces? Top Tips for Making Small Rooms Look Bigger

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At some point, most of us are faced with the dilemma of what to do with a box room that you can barely fit any furniture into. Whether you have a bedroom that can just about squeeze in a single bed, or a kitchen that leaves you with very little room to put your shopping away, there are ways of making the most of your space. Though these hacks wont necessarily give you extra square footage, they can make your room way more functional and inviting.

Say goodbye to any clutter
It may seem like an obvious way to free up some space in your home, but clutter can really steal away space that could be used for something else. If you have anything in your room that you haven’t used for over 18 months, it may be time to throw it away, or give it to a charity shop so that someone else can get some use out of it. This also goes for home accessories, such as pictures or ornaments, too many trinkets here and there can make your room like extremely crammed, so keep it simple with those smaller rooms.

Keep it neutral
When it comes to small rooms, using too much colour on the walls can make it look much smaller than it actually is. Dark colours especially are guilty of giving the illusion that the walls are closing in, so it is best to keep the colours light and airy. If you like dark colours, try adding in accents with your accessories, rather than on the walls.

Create a feature wall
A feature wall is a great way of adding character to a room. They can also make a wall seem much bigger that it actually is. If you live in rented accommodation and you aren’t able to re-paint, try using removable wallpaper as an alternative solution. It can be put up and taken down really easily, without damaging the wall or leaving behind any clues that it was ever up there. If you don’t want to change a complete wall, you can still make it a feature by adding wall stickers , featuring something such as a quote, birds, or even a silhouette of your favourite film character.

Make the most of your mirrors
Mirrors are a life saver when it comes to making your tiny space look much bigger. A well hanged mirror can give the impression of depth within a room. They also reflect light, which can make a room seems brighter and more airy, so placing them near the windows will ensure that the light is spread deep into the dark corners of the room.

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