Decorating With Natural Materials

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Brown weeds
Image: Marie Vonow

When we are looking for something to put in a vase we usually think of flowers. Generally we donít think of weeds as having decorative potential. However, dry grasses or the seed heads of some herbs can look good in a pottery vase. After a while they will get dusty and may start to fall apart so then it is time to replace them.

Brown weeds
Weeds can be left natural and used as a decoration. Image: Marie Vonow

If you are a keen gardener you wonít have a selection of mature weeds complete with dry seed heads in your garden. However, if you go for a walk in summer or autumn you are likely to find some. No one will object to you picking some weeds.

Dry grass
Suitable weeds near my house. Image: Marie Vonow

There are lots of different types of weeds. Weeds can make a nice display left in their natural state.

Dry grass
I like these dark brown weeds which grow by the river near my home. Image: Marie Vonow

Some weeds look good if given a coat of spray paint. Light weight weeds are best sprayed in a box so they donít blow about with the force of the spray. Use spray paint in a well ventilated place, preferably outside and avoid breathing in the vapour.

Dry grass
Place weeds in a box to spray. Image: Marie Vonow

Vase of weeds sprayed green
Spray painted weeds. Image: Marie Vonow

Perhaps some of the herbs in your garden have gone to seed. Seed heads from garlic chives or dill look good in a vase.

Vase of weeds sprayed green
Vase of seed heads from garlic chives. Image: Marie Vonow

There is always something you can pop in a vase to decorate an empty space. It doesnít have to be a bunch of flowers and it doesnít have to cost you anything.

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