Free Decorating Using Natural Materials

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Vase of gum leaves
Image: Marie Vonow

Natural materials can look effective as decoration around the home and they are free. Next time you are looking for something to decorate a bare shelf or a corner that needs ‘something’, consider natural materials you may find in your yard or by the side of the road.

Various types of seed pods and leaves can make an interesting display. They can be collected while still green and put in a vase of water or else placed in an empty container and allowed to dry out. Alternatively you can collect materials that are already dry.

There are various types of gum nuts. Two or three twigs of leaves and nuts can make an interesting display.

Gum leaves and gum nuts
Gum leaves and gum nuts. Image: Marie Vonow

Leaves or gum nuts on their own are effective too. Dry twigs can be displayed in an item that is not waterproof.

Tea light holder and gum nuts
A tea light holder is used here to display some gum nut twigs. Image: Marie Vonow

Assorted gum nuts, pine cones and seed pods from trees such as jacaranda look nice displayed in a wicker basket. A wooden bowl or any other container made from a natural material would also look effective. The items can be left natural or given a coat of clear paint.

Vase of gum leaves
Image: Marie Vonow

A small basket of gum nuts
Gum nuts in a small basket. Image: Marie Vonow

Do you know where there is an oak tree? Acorns make a pleasing display in a pottery bowl or other container.

A small basket of gum nuts
Acorns in a small pottery bowl. Image: Marie Vonow

Acorns could be mistaken as chocolates by young children so don’t leave them where youngsters can see and reach them.

A small basket of gum nuts
A few acorns in a quirky bird shaped bowl. Image: Marie Vonow

There are plenty of natural materials which can be used to decorate your home.

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