Easy Christmas Reindeer

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This Christmas Reindeer is an inexpensive and easy way to add something different to the Christmas tree decorations or it looks equally impressive on its own.

Christmas reindeer


- Paper mache reindeer - available from most craft stores like Lincraft, Riot Stores or Spotlight
- Craft ribbon of your choice. Wired ribbon lets you tie a better shaped bow.

paper mache reindeer and ribbon

- Metallic spray on paint in either gold or silver - available from hardware stores like Masters or Bunnings,

Paper Mache Reindeer decoration


- Lay down some old newspaper or an old sheet outside where there is plenty of ventilation and away from anything you don't want accidentally covered in paint.

- Spray the reindeer with the spray on paint. It is best to use sweeping motions to get an even coverage.

- Once dry, tie the ribbon around the neck of the reindeer and your project is finished.

Paper Mache Reindeer decoration


- Don't try to spray your reindeer when it is windy and make sure your painting area is away from the sides of your house and car. Spray paint can fly through the breeze and end up where you don't want it.
- Although I've used the colour combination of silver and blue, you could also use a combination of gold and red, or gold and tartan ribbon depending on your decor.

If you try these reindeer, I'd love you to post pictures of your finished project.

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