Easy Halloween Eyeball Lights

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An easy way to create great Halloween decorations using string lights that you already have on hand. Add ping pong eyeballs to your Christmas lights for high impact decorating, low cost and minimal effort!




LED lights
Ping pong ball eyeballs
Sharp knife (I used a leatherman as the size of the blade was perfect for the hole.)

Carefully pierce a hole in the back of the ping pong. Make a hole large enough to stick over top of the lights. You may need to put a small slit on the side of the hole if you need some extra room.

Gloves gave some extra protection in this stage in case of accidental slipping of my knife!

Gently push the ping pong ball over top of the a light.


When you are finished putting on the ping pong balls, string your lights up where you want them and let the scaring begin!

lit up eyeballs

As an alternative to buying ping pong ball eyeballs, get your kids involved in the decorating by getting plain ping pong balls and having them paint on the eyeballs!

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