DIY Tea Towel Plastic Bag Holder

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As much as we try to avoid them, somehow plastic bags always end up in our home, whether it be times when we've forgotten to take our reusable bags to the supermarket, or someone has passed on a gift within a plastic bag, a whole stack of them gathered in our kitchen drawer.

Plastic bags can be an unsightly things, even when 'tidied' away in a drawer, but there are practical ways to store them, which can also look stylish in your kitchen, laundry or utility room.

There are plastic bag dispensers on the market, you can buy products at places like Ikea and eBay. A better way to store your plastic bags is within a holder that you can make yourself, perhaps matching the colour scheme and decor of your kitchen.

Tea Towel Plastic Bag Holder

Teatowel plastic bag holders are pretty easy to make, particularly if you have a sewing machine at home. Here is a tutorial to make your own practical and stylish DIY Teatowel Plastic Bag Holder:


Tea Towel
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine
Bias Strip (otherwise known as Bias Tape or Bias Binding)
Safety Pin

Choose your tea towel. I always buy second hand tea towels from op shops (charity shops) and give them a good wash before use.

Find your desired tea towel

Make casings for elastic and ribbon along the top and bottom edge of your tea towel using bias strip.
Cut your bias to size along the short edges of your tea towel and pin in place.
Machine sew a straight line along the top and bottom edge of your bias strip. Remember to leave a gap in between your bias strip and leave each edge open to thread through your elastic.

Casing for elastic and ribbon

Completed top and bottom casing

Cut a piece of elastic tight enough to keep your plastic bags in place, but not too snug that you wouldn't be able to fit your hand inside. When you are happy with your elastic size put to one side, you will thread through later.

Elastic size

Fold the teatowel exactly in half inside out, and stitch a straight line all the way down your long open edge. Be careful here not to sew your bias strip gap on the top and bottom of your tea towel - start sewing just under the top bias strip casing, and stop just before the bottom bias strip casing.

Fold tea towel in half

Sew in straight line

Your ribbon is used to thread through the top casing, which will then be used to hang your tea towel dispenser in an appropriate place in your kitchen/laundry etc. Thread your ribbon through the top bias strip gap using your safety pin.

Thread ribbon through the top casing

Thread your elastic piece through the bottom bias strip casing using your safety pin and hand stitch your elastic loop closed.
Lastly sew your bottom closure of your tea towel shut so you don't see the elastic.

Sew casing gap shut

Turn the right way and you have yourself a tea towel plastic bag holder to hang wherever you like.

Tea Towel Plastic Bag Holder

And so, your collection of plastic bags will no longer be an irritating mass of junk in your drawer.

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