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Making Birds from Kurrajong Pods

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Decorative bird
Image: Marie Vonow

Decorative robins can be made from the seed pods of the kurrajong tree. The seed pods are shaped like a bird, complete with ‘beak’ and ‘tail’. These birds can be hung up, given two legs to twist around a branch or simply wedged between the trunk and branch of a small tree in a pot or a decorative branch. The birds can be used individually to decorate a present or a basket of pine cones or gum nuts. They make fun Christmas tree decorations.

• Dry kurrajong pods
• Cotton wool
• Red paint
• Paint brush
• Craft glue
• White paint
• Cotton buds
• Wire (picture wire or flexible wire strong enough to support the robin) or fishing line

Decorative bird
Dry pods collected from under a kurrajong tree. Image: Marie Vonow

The seeds need to be removed from the pod.

Decorative bird
The seeds are covered in fine hairs. Image: Marie Vonow

As the seeds are covered in fine hairs which can make you itch, wear a pair of disposable gloves to protect your hands. Scrape out the seeds using a pop stick or other disposable item. Carefully dispose of the seeds, the item you used as a scraper and your gloves.

Kurrajong pods without seeds
Pod once seeds have been scraped out. Image: Marie Vonow

• Using a cotton bud, add a dot of white paint for each eye.

Kurrajong pods without seeds
Give your bird eyes by using a cotton bud dipped in white paint. Image: Marie Vonow

• Let the eyes dry.
• Drill a hole in the top of the pod using your smallest drill bit.

Kurrajong pods without seeds
Drill a hole in the top of the pod. Image: Marie Vonow

• Tie a knot in the end of a piece of flexible wire used for hanging picture frames or fishing line.
• Thread the wire through the hole with the knot on the inside of the pod.
• If you prefer to give your bird legs, drill a small hole on each side of the pod.

Kurrajong pods without seeds
Drill a hole in each side of the pod. Image{ Marie Vonow

• Put a piece of thin wire strong enough to support the ‘bird’ through each hole to form legs.

Add wire for legs
Make wire legs for your bird. Image: Marie Vonow

• Spread some glue inside the pod using a piece of sponge or brush. Fill with cotton wool to form a ‘breast’.

Add wire for legs
Fill the hollow with cotton wool. Image: Marie Vonow

• When the glue has dried, paint the cotton wool red. You may want to paint the whole ‘breast’ or you may prefer to leave a border of white.

Add wire for legs
Paint the cotton wool red. Image: Marie Vonow

• Allow the red paint to dry.
• The birds can be hung from a dry branch secured in a pot. If you used picture wire twist it around the branch. Fishing line can be tied around the branch in a loop.

Add wire for legs
Twist the picture wire around a branch. Image: Marie Vonow

• If you have given your bird wire legs twist each piece of wire to the branch.

Bird with wire legs
Twist the two pieces of wire around a branch. Image: Marie Vonow

• A group of kurrajong pod birds can look effective.

Bird with wire legs
Four birds. Image: Marie Vonow

Have fun making these whimsical birds.

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