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How To Hack Your Garden

by Amanda Delatycki (follow)
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Hacking your garden does not refer to tearing it to shreds. In complete contrast, it relates to turning everyday items into multi-purpose tools that serve a purpose in your backyard and in turn saves you a lot of money.

If you are looking to make your gardening life much easier, here are an array of gardening hacks to help you make your lawn perfect, feed your plants and keep nasties at bay, in just about every way.

Use a lemon to start a seedling
Lemon juice is wonderfully healthy added to a glass of water each morning, but don’t discard it once you are done. Scoop out the flesh and use it to start a seedling. Simple and free.

lemon seedling

Source: Buzzfeed

Pest control with coffee grounds
Stop tossing your used ground coffee into the bin.

Did you know that you it can be sprinkled into your garden and in and around your plants to both deter bugs from eating your shrubs and also enrich your soil? Plus it will smell amazing.

Outsource your garden
Many sites such as Free Cycle, Ebay or Gumtree offer free or second hand gardening tools/goods that will save you from paying top dollar for starting from scratch.

The Gumtree gardening section offers lots of handy used tools to kick start your dream garden.

Deter aphids
There is nothing worse than seeing your beloved roses covered in aphids. Next time you eat a banana, hang your banana peel on the fence near your roses or attach to a garden stake and you’ll find they disappear and never return.

Compost creates chemical free fertiliser
Compost is not only easy to make but adds nutrients to your plants and helps retain moisture in the soil.

Diverting anywhere up to 30% of household waste away from the rubbish bin by collecting everything from egg shells to tea bags and shredded paper, you can create chemical free fertiliser that is safe to use around children and pets.

Homemade sprinkler
When does a plastic bottle become a sprinkler? When you attach a hose and poke a few random holes in it.

Recycle your drink bottles in a brand new way and allow your garden to be watered far more efficiently than ever.

Don’t spend money on a store-bought contraption when you can make your own. It even converts to a fabulous activity for kids to run through on a hot summer’s day. The only cost to you is a bottle and some masking tape.

water bottle sprinkler

Source: Pinterest linking to housingaforest.com

Natural fertiliser
When was the last time you boiled a pot of rice? Did you know that rice water could fertilise the garden?

Don’t pour it down the drain. It’s environmentally safe and chemical free. Can’t beat that.

Regrow vegetables
Commonly used vegetables such as onion, garlic and carrots as well as herbs may be inexpensive to purchase however they can be regrown at home from food scraps and are therefore free.

Flower pot saucer
Plastic shower caps can be used in and around the home for numerous uses. When it comes to the garden, they become great saucers. Hanging baskets and pot plants no longer need to drip water onto your patio or pathways.

Simply place a shower cap under the pot or planter and it will catch all the drips.

Repel pests with ease
Many food scraps and flowers are natural pest repellents.

Place lemons in your shrubs by the door and the scent will help to repel pests from entering your home. Marigolds, orange or yellow flowers, have a strong scent that deters mosquitoes and other insects. So too does lavender. It is a member of the mint family and is very hardy and easy to grow.

There are many ways to hack your garden and save yourself a small fortune. Reusing food scraps, unwanted items and putting to good use bits and pieces from around your home.

Hacking your garden is not only foolproof but also innovative and rewarding. Give it a go.

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