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7 Amazingly Beautiful Wall Decorations for an Elegant Living Room

by Reema (follow)
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It might not seem like it, but people actually pay attention to walls. Therefore, itís only right that you spend time decorating it, especially the ones in your living room. In fact, itís just as important as carpet cleaning in Wollongong, Australia or anywhere else in the world. After all, itís where youíll be receiving your visitors, and you donít want them to just stare on blank white surfaces.

Like a sheet of paper, there are so many design ideas that you can use to give your living room walls life. If youíre having a hard time coming up with one, then fret not because here are a few. Hopefully youíd like one, some, or even all of them.

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You can never go wrong with mirrors. Aside from the fact that they are convenient ways for you and your visitors to check how they look, they illuminate the room and give it the illusion of a bigger space. However, in the living room, not every kind of mirror would do.

The frame of the mirror has to match the style of your furniture. If your couches and coffee table have a classic look and feel, then a mirror with a brass or wood frame would do the trick. On the other hand, if your living room furniture are contemporary, then a plastic, stainless steel, or frameless mirrors would suit them best.

Also, take note that mirrors are best placed on the part of the wall that is above and beyond a couch or a fireplace.


A favorite of both artists and people with taste, paintings are a great addition to your living room, as they give your visitors something to look at, admire, and even talk about. But just like a mirror, the painting of your choice should preferably match the color scheme of your living room. However, this isnít an ironclad rule; what matters the most is that you like the painting you have chosen. After all, youíll be the one to look at it the most often.

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Family Portraits

To some itís sweet, and to others itís an overkill of sweetness. Either way, family portraits make a good dťcor to hang on your living room walls, as it makes the place seem very homely and a lot more personal.

You can either use a photograph, especially one that is shot from a studio, a family outing, or a special event, or a painting. Just like the mirror, place it on the wall above and behind the couch or above the fireplace for additional dramatic effect.

Mounted Animal Heads

If youíre either eccentric or just want to give your house the feel of a mountain cabin, mounted animal heads are a good choice, preferably synthetic ones. Usual choices are stag, antelope, buffalo, and wolf. You can also go for the alternative, which is a fish trophy. Bass, marlin, and trout are popular fishes to choose from.

Do note that in order for a mounted animal head or fish trophy to become noticed, itís best that you only get one. Having one too many would make your living room look like a zoo.

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If what you want to display cannot be hung on or stick to the wall, you should go for a shelf. Theyíre not limited to books, as you can also use shelves to display figurines, small vases, and other dťcor. And whichever you choose to display in the shelves will somehow reflect your personality.

If you go for books, people will think that youíre the smart type. If you go for figurines and small sculptures, theyíll see you as either an artist or a critic. And if you have family photographs on them, itíd be easy for your visitors to see the many special memories you spent with your family. Whichever one you choose, the goal is the same: to spruce up your living room.

Wall Art

Itís a pretty recent idea to use wall art in living rooms. And despite its novelty, it does work; in fact, it is even admired by even the most traditional people. So, if you can, make one for yourself, or hire an artist.

While the designs one can do are limited to ones imagination, it is advisable for now to stick with safe ones - trees, birds, and flowers, just to name a few.
The living room, as its name suggests, is where most of life happens in a home. To make the roomís name true, if not truer, then it should be livened up, and a good way to do is by decorating its walls.

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